Donation Guidelines

All Pueblo Grows happily accepts home garden or commercially grown heirloom/open pollinated seed donations. Donating or returning seed to the library is a straightforward process.

If you donate home grown seed, please be sure it’s from plants that you understand how to save correctly. Easy to save species include tomato, beans, peas, lettuce, and many herbs. If you plan to return home grown squash, melon, carrot, onion, or any brassica (broccoli, cabbage, kale and brussel sprouts), please be sure you have saved them properly and note this on the envelope.

Please use the envelopes provided to give as much information as you can about home garden seeds including-

  • Species and variety
  • Location and year grown
  • Any details on production- how did the plant produce? Early fruits or late? Did the plant seem to resist pest or was it constantly under siege?
  • Any details about possible cross-pollination- were there similar species growing nearby, did you cover your plants in a seed cage or do any hand pollination?
  • Contact info for you, if there are questions.

 The more information you can share, the more useful the donation will be.

If you’re donating commercially grown seeds in their original package, you can just leave them in the labelled donations drawer.

Please clean and dry your seed prior to donation. This means removing leaf material, stems, dried pulp, or other non-seed vegetable material. Excess or damp material can potentially harbor pests and would be much more problematic to store in the card catalog.

All donations can be left in the drawers labeled DONATIONS, or you can drop them off at the CSU-Extension office at 701 Court Street, Pueblo, CO 81003. If you want to call us our number is (719) 583-6566.

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