Final 2018 Seed Gathering – Saturday 10-27-18 – 9:30 til 11:00

Hello all,

Hope to see you this Saturday (with all the seeds you’ve saved) (no seeds? is fine) for our Question and Answer meeting about all things gardening!

We’ll have plenty of seeds for packing and for any seeds you want to take home too.

Now that we’ve had a hard freeze you can plant native seeds/flower seeds for early spring.  To protect the seeds from birds over winter, I cover with a light frost cloth pinned to the ground.  This also helps remind you where you put the seeds 🙂


See you all Saturday.  If you can’t make the whole meeting, any time you can spend should be worth it.




Schedule of Presentations – 2019 Monthly Gatherings Last Saturday of each month

2019 All Pueblo Grows topic schedule   

  • January- Starting seeds indoors: Jared
  • February- Seed library/gardening Q&A: group
  • March- Sowing seeds outdoors and container gardening: Deric and Leah
  • April- Transplanting / preparing your soil: Deric
  • May- Garden troubleshooting Q&A: group
  • June- Early seed saving: Jared
  • July- Pests: Deric
  • August- Fall gardening/cover crops: Deric
  • September- Late seed saving: Jared
  • October- seed library Q&A
  • November- No event
  • December- No event

Each event will consist of a presentation on the topic of the month and there will also be a seed swap. Folks can bring any seed donations that they have, and they can help package seeds as well.


September Seed Saving at Rawlings 9:30 AM Saturday, September 27, 2018

Hello all,

Hope everyone has been saving their seeds!  Keeping the seed library self sustaining depends on all of you saving whatever you can.

Saturday’s meeting will have a presentation on aquaponics.  Should be very interesting.

Be sure that the seed you save has not been cross pollinated if applicable.  I just grew what I thought was Black Diamond watermelons, only to find I was growing something in the melon family, but definitely not watermelon.  In addition, the fruit was not tasting like melon or anything else.  If you have questions about this, please ask us on Saturday and we can elaborate on the subject.

Hope everyone is having a great gardening year and see you Saturday 🙂

June 30th – Save the Date

Another month almost gone.  YIKES!  Hope everyone’s gardens are doing great.

The topic for June is fall gardening and cover crops.  If you missed your early spring gardens due to the weather here in Pueblo, plan on putting those crops in for a fall garden starting in mid-August.  Deric will have all the info to be successful in his presentation.

There are many seeds to choose from in the library catalog drawers that can be planted for your fall garden.  We’re adding seeds at least bi-weekly and welcome any seeds you’ve saved so far this year. You can drop them off in the box underneath the catalog with a slip letting us know as much about the seeds that you can give us.

My watermelon radishes didn’t produce so I’m saving the seeds that are starting to set now.  What do you have that’s going to seed?

Hope to see you at the gathering on the 30th.

May 26th – Garden Troubleshooting and Q & A for your garden

Hello all,

The May seed library gathering is this coming Saturday, May 26th.

Master Gardeners will be available for any questions you have and help you troubleshoot problems in your garden so far this season.

As always, bring seeds if you have them to share and we’ll be labeling packets of seeds and packing seeds too.

I’ve just added more seeds to the cabinets – watermelon, cantaloupe, squashes and more.


Hope to see many of you.  You won’t need to stay for the whole gathering if you don’t have time, but would appreciate any help you can give.



March Seed Gathering – Saturday March 24, 2017

The presentation for March’s Seed Gathering will be “Sowing Seeds Outdoors and Container/Raised Bed Gardening”.  This should be really good for beginning gardeners and answers questions for “old timers”.

Meeting is from 9:30 to 11:30 am at the Rawlings Library 1st floor.  All are welcome for the entire meeting or whatever time you have.

Bring saved seeds to share with the library, if you still have any.

See you there

Many new seeds coming to the catalog

Hi all,

More seeds are needed to get us ready for the new growing season.  You can always drop them by the Rawlings Library in the container under the catalog drawers on the second floor.

Here’s a short list of seeds that will be added in the next few weeks:


Sweet pea, Wando

Beets, Chioggia

Chard – Rainbow

Allium Hair

Lettuce – Attractie (head type)

Poppy, Rhoes (Flanders)

Pepper, Anaheim

Lettuce – Mesclun

Hollyhock – dark and light pink


Stop by when you can and get ready for planting and Spring.



February 2018 Seed Library Gathering

The February Seed Gathering is almost here – Saturday, February 24, 9:30 AM at the Rawlings Library.

The first seed gathering of 2018 had a full house.  February is coming up and we need more seeds.  Bring them with you if you have saved any from last year’s harvest.  If you don’t have seeds, attend for the presentation on Trees and bring any questions you may have.


First Seed Gathering of 2018

January 27 is our first gathering for 2018 at the Rawlings library from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.  All seeds welcome and needed.  Help keep the seed library self sustaining with your homegrown seed donations.

Our subject for the presentation will be “Starting Seeds Indoors”.  Bring your questions and if you can stay after the presentation you can help us prepare seeds for the catalog.

See you there!

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