Follow Your Houseplant on Twitter

Follow Your Houseplant on Twitter

The DIY Plant Twitter Kit will let you follow your house plant on Twitter.

You follow random people you don’t even know on Twitter, why not your own beloved plant, right? If the EasyBloom Plant Sensor isn’t to your liking and you want something more Midori-san-like, here’s ThinkGeek’s solution. It won’t have your plant blogging like Midori-san, but this DIY gadget will let you follow your house plant on Twitter (and yes, it will have its own account).

You need to assemble the kit consisting of some moisture sensors and an Ethernet adapter you can plug into your computer. The plant updates its Twitter account depending on its current state. It will ask for water when the soil is dry and will even mention if it’s especially parched by telling you that it needs water urgently. It will also thank you for watering it, but it will not hold back in scolding you if you mess up and over-water it. Ah, there’s nothing like being chastised by a house plant.ADVERTISING

You can get the DIY Plant Twitter Kit at ThinkGeek for $100.

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