June 30th – Save the Date

Another month almost gone.  YIKES!  Hope everyone’s gardens are doing great.

The topic for June is fall gardening and cover crops.  If you missed your early spring gardens due to the weather here in Pueblo, plan on putting those crops in for a fall garden starting in mid-August.  Deric will have all the info to be successful in his presentation.

There are many seeds to choose from in the library catalog drawers that can be planted for your fall garden.  We’re adding seeds at least bi-weekly and welcome any seeds you’ve saved so far this year. You can drop them off in the box underneath the catalog with a slip letting us know as much about the seeds that you can give us.

My watermelon radishes didn’t produce so I’m saving the seeds that are starting to set now.  What do you have that’s going to seed?

Hope to see you at the gathering on the 30th.