Many new seeds coming to the catalog

Hi all,

More seeds are needed to get us ready for the new growing season.  You can always drop them by the Rawlings Library in the container under the catalog drawers on the second floor.

Here’s a short list of seeds that will be added in the next few weeks:


Sweet pea, Wando

Beets, Chioggia

Chard – Rainbow

Allium Hair

Lettuce – Attractie (head type)

Poppy, Rhoes (Flanders)

Pepper, Anaheim

Lettuce – Mesclun

Hollyhock – dark and light pink


Stop by when you can and get ready for planting and Spring.



February 2018 Seed Library Gathering

The February Seed Gathering is almost here – Saturday, February 24, 9:30 AM at the Rawlings Library.

The first seed gathering of 2018 had a full house.  February is coming up and we need more seeds.  Bring them with you if you have saved any from last year’s harvest.  If you don’t have seeds, attend for the presentation on Trees and bring any questions you may have.