List of seeds in catalog

Following is a partial list of seeds that are now in the catalog, and ready to be checked out!

Easy saving:

 Poppy Mallow
 Sweet Pea
 Rocky Mtn. Penstemon
 Great Horned Poppy
 Rocky Mtn. Bee Plant
 Yellow Cherry Tomato
 Cherokee Purple Tomato
 Mexican Midget Tomato
 Aurora tomato
 Mt. Roma tomato
 Prairie Fire tomato
 Rouge Red tomato
 Beefmaster tomato
 Warren’s Cherry tomato
 Pepper – Hungarian Hot WAx

Advanced saving:

Brussels Sprout
Red Russian Kale
Carrot – Dover and Danver

Medium saving:

Radish – Black
Rocky Ford Melon
Squash – Calabacita
Mustard greens
Watermelon – Ancient
Watermelon – Moon & Stars
Watermelon – Dixie
Watermelon – Ultra Cool
Watermelon – Sugar Baby